Opioid Overdose Prevention

Native C.O.R.E has a goal to increase knowledge of, and access to, medically assisted treatment (MAT), increasing screening for alcohol and drug use, increasing referrals to needed services, and improving access to culturally competent providers within the American Indian/Alaska Native community in San Joaquin County, California. We Offer free Narcan and Narcan Training Via zoom and in person. Contact us today.

Native Youth Native Strong

Native Youth Native Strong is a program at Native C.O.R.E that focuses on the values of Wellbriety and the impact that substance abuse has on our Native youth. We found that bringing culture and teachings is a great way to deter the youth from using drugs and alcohol. We provide a safe space where the youth are able to flourish and gain confidence. When we have art workshops it connects the youth to more traditional ways that have been passed down to us from our elders. Culture is prevention. Some ways we do this is by having dance classes for the youth as well as a mentorship program that focuses on Native curriculum. 

Red Road

The Red Road to Wellbriety is a journey of hope and healing for Native Americans seeking recovery from addictions. This community offers support with those with substance use disorder and families who may have a loved one struggling . Together we are healing and growing.